Rick Dale

History Channel’s Rick Dale of American Restoration is a fun-loving guy who we’d recommend watching every time you’re having a bad day. His go-get-‘em spirit reminds us to appreciate what we have and never take life too seriously. His whole family is involved on the show, and they all know and love all things car lift. His son Tyler is a regular and loves to help the family business in any way he can. His daughter Ally and wife Kelly are also friends of the BendPak family, and we couldn’t be prouder to represent a classy group like this. Proud, tight-knit families remind us of ourselves (humble brag).

Rick isn’t one to throw out endorsements willy-nilly, and he gave us his word that his car lift love is real. And who are we to argue? Rick told it like it is:

One of my BendPaks... the HDS-14 car lift​... is capable of holding 14,000 lbs. I got my ’51 Ford, and it allows me lift it up and down very easy​... You need one of these. It’s a lot easier than crawling underneath [my truck]. Now I’m capable of crawling underneath it and doing a lot of work.

Ricks’ son, Tyler Dale, had some words of approval for his ​two-post lift, as well. His favorite is the XPR-10AS. Here’s what he told us:

This is great for lifting off-road vehicles with high-performance suspensions. You can get to all four wheels, the brakes, do tyre rotations​... it’s perfect for what we need.

Looking to see how our BendPak lift family can help the Dale family make big bucks? Check out American Restoration and enjoy.