Farmtruck and AZN

If you want to see the heart of what we are and who we represent, look no further than Farmtruck and AZN, two of Discovery Channel’s OKC Street Outlaws boys, and two of the most down-to-earth car show guys you’ll ever meet. Every host has his or her own unique charm and brand, but these two represent the blue collar spirit better than anybody (we reckon). Check out this exchange to see just what we mean:

Farmtruck: It’s all about representing.

AZN: That’s what it is… And you know, I think that the truck is relatable, the way we work on cars is relatable. We represent the blue collar. We represent the normal weekend warriors.

Farmtruck: We’re not guys with a lot of money. We’re guys that make do with what we have.

AZN: And this shop represents it, and the work that we do represents it. The lift we use, the tools that we use, also represent that.

Farmtruck: When we do buy something, we want the best. And that’s why we chose BendPak.

These guys use their auto lift in a small one-car garage that’s so cluttered, it actually stretches the potential for a lift install. Luckily, we have some open-top models made just for their situation.

What’s more, these guys do some intense street racing. Their favorite thing is to go “fishing.” Basically, they get their rusty, unassuming Farmtruck (named after the man himself) up to snuff on a BendPak two-post lift, and then they go find someone who thinks their “rust bucket” isn’t up to the challenge. They race Porsches and just about anything else they can find. Sometimes we watch it just for AZN’s trash talk, which is second to none any day of the week.