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What do the brown, blue and green wires stand for?

Brown = Hot Leg

Blue = Neutral (may also serve as a 2nd hot leg in 220V setting)

Green/Yellow = Ground

Where can I find someone to set up my machine and train my employees on how to use it properly?

BendPak / Ranger has a list of third-party vendors that can assist you in setting up and training you on the use of your machine. Please review Babco's website.

Does BendPak provide free training to use my balancer or tire machine?

No, although our manuals provide step-by-step instructions for proper use. Don't hesitate to contact our technical support team for assistance if needed.

How many breaker amps are needed for a tire changer?

25 to 30 amp breakers are needed for t​​ire changers.

Can I change a motorcycle tire with your tire changer?

Yes, we have accessories available to purchase to accommodate motorcycle tires.

Do I need an air compressor to operate the machine?

Yes. 125-150 psi is required for our Ranger t​​ire changers. This requires the use of an air compressor.

Does my tyre changer use oil?

Yes, t​yre changers ship with 10W oil. Check regularly and adjust to 1-2 drops per cycle.

How do I store my TurboBlast™ hose?

When your TurboBlast hose is not in use, close the ball valve that feeds the tank/tower. Evacuate air pressure by releasing the valve at the end of the hose. When done, a convenient hose hook is located behind the tank/tower.

My tire changer bead breaker is too weak.

Check your oiler to make sure that you have oil in the reservoir. Ensure two drops of oil come out when using the bead breaker. Check that enough air pressure is going to the machine.

Can a Ranger tire changer work with run-flat tires?

Although t​​ire changers with power assist arms can handle some run-flats, you should consult run-flat t​​ire manufacturers for further clarifications and operation requirements.

Should I use the spacer ring on my wheel balancer?

Only when working with wheels with significant offset (e.g., dually wheels). Ranger balancers use the “front cone mounting” procedure as shown in the manual.

I think my balancer is missing the cones, shaft, etc.

Please check inside the balancer; these components will be on the pallet floor located in a box.

My tire changer has been getting weaker or sticking.

Per maintenance, check and make sure you have oil. There must be at least 2 – 3 drops of oil anytime you press an air-operated pedal.

Are balancing weights available from Ranger?

Why won't my wheel aligner read the targets?

Make sure no sunlight is hitting the cameras. Sunlight can also reflect off the floor and into the camera. These rays can interfere with the signal from the camera to the targets. If the problem persists, contact us.