Shop Equipment FAQs

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: Information contained in this section may not reflect the terms and conditions of our international distributors. For the most accurate information, please contact our distributor.

How long is my shop equipment warranty?

The Ranger Products shop equipment warranty includes 1 year parts and freight (labor not included).

What are your electrical options for your spray wash cabinets?

Spray wash cabinets are configured as follows: 220 AC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph.

What size breaker is used on a spray washer?

Please provide a 50-amp breaker for your parts washer. (Washer draws 38 amps.)

How hot should the temperature get in the spray wash cabinet?

The water should heat up between 160 – 180°F.

How much Aluma-Klean detergent should I use during each wash?

You should use 2 – 3 oz. detergent per gallon of water, per wash. Add small amounts of pre-mixed detergent between batches to maintain concentration.

There’s light rust inside my spray wash cabinet.

Surface rust may be normal, especially if you don’t use the machine for periods of time. Grabbing some wire wool and scrubbing the affect areas is a good way to clean off the rust.

Why is there white residue left on washed parts after running my spray wash cabinet?

Lessen the amount of detergent being used. 2 – 3 oz. of detergent should be used for each gallon of water.

Can your bender bend 3” pipe?

Yes, it can bend 3” pipe with 13-gauge wall thickness.

How can I stop my crusher from bouncing and sticking?

Disconnect the air from the system and add all-purpose oil to the control valve to lubricate the seals inside the cylinder.

Can I put more than one can in the can crusher?

No. Multiple cans are dangerous. Crushing more than one can may cause machine failure and/or damage the equipment.