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Standard Features by Model

Need help deciding which tire changer is best for you? This helpful chart indicates which features are included on each product. We understand that the products you purchase become a reflection of the work you do on a daily basis, and we want to cater to your individual needs. Do you operate a high volume shop? Then the variable speed turntable will help speed things along. Likewise, a left/right assist tower or convenient tilt-back tower can make the tire changing process even easier. Review your options in the chart below and let us help you pick out the best wheel service equipment for your shop.

Feature R745 R980AT R980XR R76LT R76ATR

Adjustable Wheel Clamps

Ranger Tire Machine Adjustable Clamps

RimGuard™ Clamps

RimGuard Plastic Wheel Protection

Standard Wheel Clamps

Standard Whee Clamps

Steel Tool Head

Steel Alloy Tool Head

Plastic Tool Head

Plastic Tool Head

Built-In Air Tank

Built-In Air Tank

Rear-Mount Air Tank

Rear Mount Air Tank

Turbo-Blast™ Nozzle

Turbo Blast Bead Seating System

Tilt-Back Tower

Tilt-Back Tower Design

Left Assist Tower

Left Assist Tower

Right Assist Tower

Right Assist Tower

Drop-Center Tool

Traveling Drop Center Tool

Power-Drop Bead Roller

Tool Head Power-Drop Bead Roller

Improved Bead Breaker

Improved Bead Breaker

Bead Breaker Auto Retract

Bead Breaker Retract Device