Style Guide

Grammar and Mechanics

Sentence format

  • One space follows the end of any sentence. Never use a double space after a period, semi-colon or comma.
  • Periods are placed inside any closing quotation mark and outside a closing parenthesis that comes at the end of a sentence.
  • Self-contained parenthetical statements should have period on the inside.
  • Do not use the Oxford comma, which would be placed immediately before the coordinating conjunction in a series of three or more terms.
  • Caution against overuse of commas. If anything, underuse them if the sentence will not suffer from loss of clarity.


No space on either side of a "/" when used in long-form copy (paragraphs).

  • Correct: QuickJack is perfect for all racers/drivers.

Use a space before and after the "/" on technical spec sheets (lists and tables).

  • Correct: Unit weight: 108 lbs. / 50 kg

Common errors

  • To avoid common errors, re-read anything you write at least one or two times before you press send.
  • Check: it’s/its... you’re/your... to/two/too...

Possessive nouns (singular)

Many people get confused by apostrophe placement, especially when dealing with proper nouns that end in "s." The rule: add apostrophe-"s" to nouns, even ones that end in "s" or an "s" sound.

  • Correct: It is Peter's lift.
  • (The lift belongs to one Peter.)

  • Correct: Mr. Jones’s safety techniques are taught to new employees.
  • (The safety techniques belong to one Mr. Jones.)

Possessive nouns (plural)

When placing an apostrophe in a plural noun, the apostrophe comes after the "s."

  • Correct: All the lifts’ hydraulics work great.

    (The hydraulics belong to multiple lifts.)


Hyphens (-) are for creating word or phrase combinations. The longer em dash (–) may be used as punctuation. No space should go before or after the hyphen/em dash.

  • Correct no-hyphen: The lift is has a weight capacity of 9,000 lbs.
  • Correct hyphen: That is a 9,000-lb. lift.
  • Note: Properly employ singular and plural weight abbreviations.

Capitalized/non-capitalized words

  • web/website/online
  • internet
  • email
  • URLs and email addresses are lowercase: /