Street Outlaws: OKC

Shawn and Big Chief are both central figures to the success of Street Outlaws: OKC. They've been on the racing scene for quite a while now, and they've won their fair share of drag race events. It's safe to call them the ultimate racing outlaws of Oklahoma City. Shawn explains why the Street Outlaws gang only uses BendPak in their garage. Shawn puts it simply:

We use BendPak lifts because they're the best on the market.

Derek Travis and Jerry “Monza” Johnston also represent the Oklahoma City crew of the Street Outlaws name. These guys are hardcore racers, car artists and strip experts that know as much as anybody about beating the 10.

According to Derek Travis, his four-post lift is the most important part of his shop. And there’s a reason he chooses BendPak over the other lift brands. He says:

Basically, with my four-post lift, I can do just about anything that I want to do. If I want to pull a transmission, I get the car in the air, and it’s got the air jacks under it. I can lift the car up even further with the air jacks and put jack stands underneath it, lower the air jacks back down, then use the air jacks to hold the motor if needed... or hold the transmission. As I lower the transmission out of the car, I can use it to slide back and forth for easy access.

With life being easier, I don’t have to strain as much, it doesn’t take as much time. I can just have more versatility with a lift, and basically with that being said, it helps me stay on the list and be more efficient.

That’s a great argument for our four-post lift lines. The “air jacks” he refers to are our jacking beams. They permit access to the wheels for rotations, t​yre swaps, etc.

Derek Travis’s business partner Monza is a world-famous driver and car tech. He’s also a man of few words, but he makes them count:

Having this BendPak makes my life a whole lot easier. Working on this beast, changing trannies, working on converters... no more laying under the car.