Speed Society

Speed Society is the auto content site every up-and-coming automotive publisher wants to be. They focus all their resources on pumping out the best in car talk, race events, new shows, reviews, etc. Anything and everything to do with cars or racing cars, they’re on it.

They also have a garage space and said they needed at least one two-post lift. Not only that, they let us come out and interview them about their process and company mission. If you like Jalopnik and Autoblog, you need to check out Speed Society.

This is what Charlie Rose, CEO of Speed Society, has to say about his company:

Speed Society is a brand that is built off automotive enthusiasts. We take all the coolest content out there from around the world and put it in one place for people to see...

We have a dyno, we’re putting in a BendPak lift...

It’s one of the funnest places that I’ve ever worked, owned or been a part of. This is a dream job. It’s passion-based. From Daddy Dave to Midwest Street Cars, you see BendPak all over... That’s why we chose BendPak.

Josh Kalis is Speed Society’s Chief Brand Officer. He knows marketing, cars and why having an automotive lift is necessary for every auto enthusiast:

We sponsor events, we race our own cars. We just do a whole ton of stuff... Every single day is different. It could be just sittin’ there typing on the computer all day, or it’s literally out racing...

BendPak brought a two-post lift, which is gonna make it easy for us because you just pull the Lambo in, or whatever car it may be, put it on that BendPak, go up, get the pieces off you need to be able to dyno a car… We chose a BendPak because it is the best, hands down. I’ve never seen one fail. We’re gonna have some bad-ass cars going up and down that thing.