A Study in Lift Design

BendPak vs Challenger Lifts

BendPak® XPR-10AS two post car ​lift* vs. Challenger Lifts® E-10 two-post car lift*

*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates. BendPak® and Challenger Lifts® are registered trademarks.

BendPak is the world standard for surface mounted vehicle lifts. Only BendPak provides you cost favorable car lift designs that are better built, more rugged and more dependable than other brands. BendPak lifts are also backed by unparalleled service and support that is expertly delivered through a global network of service providers.

See below for the photo evidence as to why you should choose BendPak

Gearing up for the BendPak vs. Challenger Lift photo shoot.

BendPak Two-Post lift vs Challenger Lift Photo Shoot

Challenger E10 packaging.

Comparing Challenger E10 Two-Post lift Packaging

BendPak and Challenger packaging comparison.

Side-by-Side BendPak lift and Challenger Comparison

More comparison of packaging between brands.

BendPak lifts Packaging Compared to Challenger Two-Post lift

BendPak plastic wrap covers more of the product for protection during transit.

How BendPak Ships Compared to How Challenger Lift Ships

Exposed and worn box, ripped bubble wrap on Challenger

How Challenger Lifts Ships to Customer

BendPak packaging covers entire two-post lift.

How BendPak lifts Ship to Customer

Bottom of packaging on BendPak and Challenger.

Bottom of Two-Post lift Packaging

Unboxing of BendPak XPR-10AS two-post lift.

BendPak XPR-10AS Two-Post lift Unboxed

Unboxing of Challenger E10 two-post lift.

Challenger E10 Two-Post lift Unboxed

Single-piece column on BendPak vs. multi-piece Challenger design.

BendPak Post next to Challenger lift Post

lift bottom comparison.

Bottom of Two-Post lift BendPak Compared to Challenger Lift

BendPak and Challenger front view comparison.

BendPak Post Side-by-Side Challenger Lift Front View

BendPak and Challenger back view comparison.

Back of BendPak Two-Post lift and Challenger Lift

Closer view of columns and baseplates.

Back of Two-Post lift Challenger vs. BendPak

Compare heights of baseplates.

BendPak compared to Challenger Lift Baseplate Height

Comparison of extended arms: BendPak offers increased reach.

BendPak Two-Post lift Compared to Challenger Lift Arms Extended

Comparison of retracted lift arms.

BendPak Two-Post lift Compared to Challenger Lift Arms Retracted

BendPak vs. Challenger E10 lift pads.

BendPak Two-Post lift Compared to Challenger E10 Lift Pads

Closer view of BendPak non-marring lift pad vs. steel Challenger pad.

BendPak lift Pads Comparison with Challenger Lift Pads

BendPak features significantly larger wire rope sheaves.

BendPak Two-Post lift Cable Roller Sheaves Compared to Challenger E10

Parts box comparison: BendPak secures and separates small parts & components.

Parts Box Comparison BendPak XPR-10AS lift vs. Challenger E10 Lift

Power unit comparison: tank size shows significant difference.

Power Units Comparison BendPak vs. Challenger Two-Post lifts

Lifting arm comparison with arms in retracted state.

Challenger E10 Lifting Arms Comparison BendPak

Closer view of lifting arms reveals BendPak arm to be thicker, more robust.

BendPak 2-Post Lifting Arms Compared to Challenger

Lifting arm pin comparison. Note the size difference between brands.

Lifting Arm Pin Two-Post lifts BendPak vs. Challenger

Lift carriage comparison. BendPak appears thicker, stronger.

BendPak 2-Post lift Carriage Comparison Challenger E10 Lift

Simple side-by-side view shows taller BendPak lift carriage.

Comparing Challenger Two-Post lift vs. BendPak lift Post

BendPak offers rubber protection for swinging doors.

BendPak Two-Post lift Construct Compared to Challenger E10

Width comparison of each brand's columns.

BendPak 2-Post lift Width Compared to Challenger E10

lift columns positioned back-to-back.

BendPak Two-Post lift and Challenger Two-Post lift Back-to-Back