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Wheel Protection Kit

SKU# 5150585

Wheel Protection Kit / Includes: 3 Roller Inserts, 3 Under Inserts, 4 Clamp Covers, 2 Blade Covers

Cover exposed parts of your tire changer, and give your clients’ wheels superior protection during tire changes, only with a Ranger Products wheel protection kit.

Wheel Protection Kit for Ranger Tire Changers
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Total Protection for All Wheel Types

The wheel protection kit offers you more ways to save those wheels on Ranger tire changers. It comes with (3) roller replacement inserts, (3) duck head underside slides, (4) turntable clamp covers and (2) bead breaker blade covers. If you specialize in delicate alloy wheels, then you need this optional wheel protection kit.


  • 3 roller replacement inserts
  • 3 duck head underside slides
  • 4 turntable clamp covers
  • 2 bead breaker blade covers

Wheel Protection Kit Specifications

Wheel Protection Kit specs diagram