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20-Ton (18-mt.) Shop Press

The industrial-grade RP-20T delivers up to 18,143-kg. of pressure via a 20-Ton (18-mt). bottle jack. That's more than enough to satisfy all your pressing needs. No matter how busy your shop gets, the RP-20T is designed to handle all-day use, seven days a week.

Shop Press 18-mt. Capacity RP-20T by Ranger Products
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A Shop Press You Can Always Rely On

This 18,143-kg. press was designed for heavy use and works great in both repair shops and your home garage. Ideal for the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings, the RP-20T also excels at bending, straightening and flattening. The applications are truly endless.

The RP-20T features both a vertically-adjustable table and a hydraulic pump unit for improved performance, all on a rugged, heavy-steel H-frame. Two heavy-duty arbour plates come included.


  • Ideal for pressing bearings, U-joints, etc.
  • Hydraulic pump unit for maximum performance
  • Adjustable table height
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Includes two heavy-duty press plates


RP-20T specs diagram
40,000 lbs. (18,144 kg)
Overall Height
59" (1,499 mm)
Overall Width
23" (584 mm)
Inside Width Between Rails
18" (457 mm)
Cylinder Stroke
8" (203 mm)
Shipping Weight
208 lbs. (95 kg)
Shipping Dimensions
10" x 61" x 20" (254 mm x 1,549 mm x 508 mm)