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Air-Electric Workstation / Fits BendPak 2-Post & 4-Post Lifts

The handy WSA-100 utility box takes convenience to a whole new level. Whose garage couldn't use a couple extra electrical and air outlets? Mount the WSA-100 on your BendPak lift to turn it into a new one-stop hub.

WSA-100 Air-Electric Workstation for Two and Four Post Lifts
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The Perfect Air Supply for Your Lift

The Air/Electric Station is a must-have addition to any automotive lift in your garage or shop. The industrial-grade WSA-100 utility station adds air and electric capabilities to any two-post lift or four-post lift. Simple, safe and extremely easy-to-use, this air/electric workstation increases the usefulness of your BendPak car lift.

With four electrical outlets and two specialized air service outlets, this utility station outfits your shop with the versatility it needs to succeed. The air service, complete with a pressure gauge, is equipped with two outlets: one that lubricates the air for tire inflation, and one that pushes out clean air to be used with pneumatic tools. And with an installed filtration system, you can be sure that no contaminated air is getting through.

The four electrical outlets are 110V, with 20 amp industrial GFI protection, perfect for any tool you might need. Large hooks ensure that your electrical cords can be wrapped neatly up and out of the way and can also be used for storage. Easy to install, and built with industrial-grade technology, the WSA-100 Air/Electric Station is a powerful accessory that instantly increases the productivity of the automotive lift in your shop or garage.

To obtain the correct WSA unit that fits your car lift, please refer to the table below.

SKU Model Description
5210436 WSA-100 (HD-4) Fits HD/HDS-18/27/35/40 Four-Post Lifts
5210438 WSA-100 (LT-MED 2 & 4) Fits BendPak Light & Medium Duty 2-Post & 4-Post Lifts


  • Easy to install
  • Adapts to any two-post lift and four-post lift
  • Electrical outlets equipped with 20 amp industrial GFI protection
  • Electrical outlets located above the air service to prevent moisture damage and tangling
  • Air service through 2 outlets: one lubricated for tire inflation and one for pneumatic tools
  • Air service filter element and lubricator filler port are easily accessible
  • Nickel-plated ball valve shutoff
  • Powder-coated finish for durability and long life
  • Four 110V GFI outlets
  • Oiler
  • Air supply
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storage hooks for hose and tools
  • Regulator / filter
  • Air inlet
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Warranty 5-2-1 Warranty
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WSA-100 Specifications

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